Thursday, December 27, 2012


Good Morning. It's 6 am and yes, we are eating Whoppers.

Kennan was so excited about his new snorkle, goggles, fins, and lifejacket.

Santa brought Kennan a boat for Christmas and he is dying to go fishing with his dad. Brynlee got a bike, and Cami got a doll and doll bed. Apparently we were all so enamered with the boat I forgot to take a picture of the girl's presents.

The kids spent literally all day playing in the boat. They even wanted to sleep in it that night. Here it is a few days later and it is still blown up in the living room and the kids continue to play in it.

The next two pictures are from the Christmas party at the Otto house a couple of days before Christmas. The kids had so much fun dressing up like a wiseman and angels. It was fun to watch the kids act out the Nativity. And best of all... there was a ton of delicious food. We are so lucky to have such great neighbors.

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