Wednesday, May 18, 2016

a little bit of this...and a little bit of that

I just love this picture of the Manti Temple. The colors match my new rug perfectly...and that's reason to post it on my blog, right?
I justify to myself that at least it's not mud.
This baby loves frozen peas and corn
This is my neighbor who lived next to us for several years. She had to move back to Saudi Arabia with her family. It's a good thing she'll never see my blog or she'd get in trouble for not having her head dress on. She taught me a lot about the middle eastern culture and about how repressed women are in Saudi. It's so wonderful to be exposed to different cultures and learn about things occurring around the world.
I took the kids to visit Sister Putnum and see her Valentines Day decorations. This made her very happy as she doesn't get out much or have many visitors. It was also a good experience for my kids to think about others. As we left Kennan commented how sad it is that she is all alone and asked if we could visit her again sometime.
As a baby, every one of my four girls have worn the Utah Ute cheerleading outfit.
Brynlee was struggling with wasting time in the morning and I was having to yell at her to get her moving and everything done in time to leave for school. So one day she made this list all on her own, and from that day forward I never had to prod her to get ready for school in time. Until the day she lost her list. Then she sat on the floor like a lost puppy and declared she couldn't go to school. She had no list to follow. Luckily I saved the day by pulling out my phone with the picture of her list on it. She popped up, wipped off her tears and proceeded on schedule.
Kennan is a good little scouter. One activity he had to do was carve something out a block of soap. He widdled it down to a little Emoji.

These are the shoes I bought and wore for my wedding day. I have worn them regularly since then. I literally have worn the soles off of them. So after 12 years of use I sadly had to retire my wedding shoes. I'm glad I got my $20 worth.
This little missionary came in one day crying that she was so sad about the orphans in the world because they don't know about the Book of Mormon. She declared that when she grows up she is going to go teach the orphans the gospel. Then she asked if she could take her Book of Mormon to school too. So she did. She carried it around with her all day and told everyone about it.
I had only lived in the Alamo Ranch ward a few days when Christy Kauer called me and asked if i wanted to go to a Toby Keith concert and rodeo with her and a now? Of course you can't say no to that kind of an offer so i put on my flip flops and jumped in the car. Christy is amazing. She is so kind and open-hearted. She has reached out and befriended me and has made me feel so welcomed and loved in my new ward. And she is such a good example to me. Her husband couldn't come help us move in so she came with her teenagers. I need to be more like her.
Brynlee is never bored. She entertains herself. She is so creative and loves to write books. Her most recent novel is a real page-turner entitled "I love Cubes".
There is never enough strawberry jam around here.
I try to keep my house clean. But my closet is the one place that I enjoy messing up and ignoring it by shutting the door. That's right, folks, I'm not a perfect housekeeper, my secret is out. This is the dress(es) I bought for Miriam's wedding. I had a rough time finding a navy blue dress, so when I found this one I was thrilled except it was too short. So I bought two of them and cut the bodess off one and wore the bottom as a skirt underneath to lengthen it. But upon arriving home from the store I couldn't find it and I was certain it had gotten stolen out of my car which I hadn't locked at Walmart. The next day to my relief I found it hidden under the stroller.
Is there anything sweeter than waking up next to this face? Nope!

Conference + Candy= A favorite tradition 
It was so fun to be able to watch it through our Roku box on our new big screen. The last five years we have watched it all hovered around the tiny laptop screen. Technology is amazing.

Grandma Allred left the girls these glitter tattoos. They were so much fun and stayed on a surprisingly long time. I put some on all the girls ears and it looked so cute it made me want to pierce their ears. But no, our rule around here is they can get their ears pierced at age 8, when they can be accountable for their earrings. For now glitter earrings work great.
Grandma also bought all the kids kites, which were a real hit. We have flown them several times since she left. They are high quality and fly surprisingly well.

Kennan got his so high that he didn't have to hold it. He tied it to his trampoline and timed it with the watch that he hasn't taken off for a year and a half.  It stayed up independently for 17 full minutes.
Meanwhile the kids ran nude around our yard.

I'm so glad these girls help me put away these clean silverware.
It's rare that I get one-on-one time with my little bo-peep. Kinder round up was the perfect chance for us to have a date. I adore this little beauty.
Oh, Alyssa! I found this blondie bending tweezers to try to force them in to the wall outlet. Luckily our new house has tamper resistant outlets which greatly reduces the risk of death by electric shock.

 Alianna's birthday party.

 For one of Kennan's scouting activities we went to visit one of San Antonio's six missions.
 I'll be honest, I don't really understand all the history of the missions of San Antonio, but they sure have some cool historic buildings and churches.

 Some of my besties, just hanging out.
 Having Devin and Nicole move here with their soon-to-be three children is such a blessing. Noah and Luke are such sweet little boys. My kids are really loving having cousins around. We only wish they were a little closer. They are renting a home about 40 minutes away.
 This cute little Noah is the most curious little tot. Kennan is really cute with him and it makes me want to give him a little brother.
 Cami and Luke don't understand why they can't marry each other.
 Brynlee's first pair of high heals. sigh.
 Devin's family came with us to the church to watch Kennan crush the competition with his pinewood derby car.#twoyearsstraight

 This was a fun two-full-day jigsaw puzzle. Whew. We were so glad the Paulos family came to help. And then Devin and Nicole graciously spent the last day and a half helping us finish this project. 2 words: Never. Again. If you are at Costco just keep walking when you see the big swing set display. 

 While Derrick and Devin put up the swing set, Nicole and I decided to help out by assembling the trampoline. We only had to assemble and disassemble it THREE times to get it right. Pregnant Nicole and I couldn't help buy laugh at our stupidity as we, for the third time, had to admit to he boys we had messed up and beg them to come unhook the springs because we were not strong enough to do it ourselves. We were so grateful Devin and Nicole spent two days helping us with these projects. We couldn't have done it alone.

I babysat this little boy while his mom was packing to move. Him and Alyssa seriously could be twins.