Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blue Bonnet Baby

Introducing Emmaline Fae Allred

 Although my sisters would argue otherwise...this is truly the best way to have a baby. Induction...epidural...poof, a few hours later the baby pops out. It's like magic. The only hard thing about it is trying to decide what to watch on TV while waiting for the baby to arrive.
I took this picture for my kids. When I was a kid I remember visiting my mom at the hospital and being freaked out by the needle in my mom's hand. I swore to myself that I would never have a baby if it meant getting a needle in my hand. Note to self: next time don't let them put the IV in the hand, it is uncomfortable every time you move. It's much better on the side of the wrist.
They started the Pitosin around 9:30 am. They determined that starting out I was dialated to a 3 and 50% effaced. But they didn't want to break my water at that time cause the baby's head wasn't fully engaged in my pelvis and they didn't want to risk having a cord get ahead of the head. Soon after that I was given the epidural. When the resident came in to administer it I really gave him a hard time, grilling him on how much experience he had and if he was competent enough to get it done on the first try. Derrick says I'm a difficult patient. But being married to a resident has made me more skeptical of them. My first three epidurals were easy and awesome. But my last one, with Alyssa, was the first time I had a resident working on me. And he had to poke me four times before getting it in right. Luckily this resident was pretty good and had no problems getting it in. Although it only worked really well on the right side so as the labor progressed I was feeling a lot of pain on the left side. Towards the end I finally asked them to come in and adjust it to work more evenly, which it did. Around 1:00 they checked me again and said I was a 6, and they broke my water at that time. The doctor said she wouldn't check me again for another 4 hours or so. I told her I would have the baby before then. She smirked skeptically. After that things started getting a little scary. The baby's heart rate began dropping with contractions. Panic began to set in because that is what happened with Alyssa that almost lead me to a c-section. But I kept thinking about the blessing Derrick had given me that promised that the labor would go quickly and that the baby would be healthy and would "fit right in" with our family. They put a head lead heart rate monitor on the baby so they could more accurately and carefully monitor her. Over the next couple of hours they took me on and off the pitocin a couple of times in an attempt to lessen the contractions and help her heart rate. Luckily I kept contracting myself and her heart rate stabilized. around 4:15 the doctor came in to check me and declared that I was fully dilated. As they began to prepare the room, the nurse said I could try to start pushing with the next contraction. So I did, and about 15 seconds later she was there. She had the cord wrapped around her neck once, which explains why her heart rate was decelerating during contractions. They immediately laid her on my lap, which is such a magical moment that I had been robbed of with my last delivery. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was perfect, and the second thing I noticed was that her hair was much darker than all our other kids. 
It would be breaking tradition if Derrick had been able to attend the delivery feeling rested. He had stayed up the night before working. I believe this has been the case with every baby we've had. 
She weighed in at 6 lbs 15.6 oz and 20 inches long. Cami still holds the record for biggest baby at 7'3.

They took her to the nursery for awhile and this is when they brought her back to us for the first time (at the University they won't let dad's go in to the nursery, so he had to stand outside the window and watch).
We were sad that by the time they returned her to us it was too late for our kids to come see her, so we told them they could come first thing the next morning and be late for school.

Here is Derrick...still tired and still in the same clothes from the day before.
Here Cami is telling me for the millionth time that she loves me and thanking me for having a baby for her. What a sweetheart!

 It was adorable watching the kids meet their new little sister. They were all so excited. Kennan kept saying he couldn't believe she fit inside of me.

Baby's first poopoo. Pretty much the only time I get excited about baby poop.
My wonderful friends Jan and Jodi came to visit. She is hardly showing, but Jan is 7 months pregnant in this picture. Her kids are the same ages and genders as mine. She is having a girl as well, and we both thought our babies would be boys. We have decided it's impossible to conceive a boy in San Antonio. Jodi has 4 girls too. 
Soon after those friends left, my other dear friend, Kim Paulos came and snapped these gorgeous shots of baby Emmaline.

Thank you Kim for helping us preserve some of those first special moments of Emma's life.
First car seat ride...heading home from the hospital 27 hours after delivery.
First bath at home. Good thing Grandma had some helpers.

Aside from shocking us with her dark hair, she also has much darker skin than my little gringos. Her skin has and olive complexion. I can't get over how much darker her skin is than the rest of us. Maybe she'll fit in better when summer comes and we are more tan.

My mom got shoulder surgery a couple months ago and is still recovering. She can't yet reach up with her right arm to fix her hair so she has been wearing wigs. This blonde wig is my favorite it makes her look so young and stylish.

The girls loved trying on grandma's wigs.
Aside from packing extra hair, my mother also brought her own vacuum! She says my Kirby vacuum is too heavy for her to push with her sore shoulder so she brought a lightweight Oreck. Derrick says he likes the Oreck better and that it leaves better vacuum lines. But I still prefer the Kirby. However, I am very proud of Derrick for commenting on vacuum lines. I've trained him well.
Oma always says that if you want your tummy to go down after having a baby you can't vacuum for three weeks. Her mother Oma Hart taught her this. They both would claim that is how they got their tummy's flat after having a baby. I guess I'm doomed.

You would think by my 5th baby nursing wouldn't hurt as badly. Nope. It was actually worse this time than last. The way she would slurp in my nipple and then chomp on it was painful for two full weeks. Cami snapped this picture of my grimace (without me knowing) as the baby was latching. Luckily it only hurt for the first five minutes each time, and I would only have to do this a dozen times a day. But it was worth it and It finally no longer hurts.

When we left the hospital her bilirubin levels were slightly elevated. I ended up having to take her in three times over the course of the next week to have her levels checked. Since they weren't dropping, my mom finally sunbathed her which did the trick cause the next day they dropped. All my babies have had a little breast-milk-jaundice. Alyssa is the only one who had to be put under the lights (in the NICU) to remedy it. (See picture bellow on right at how shes a bit yellow)

Five really does look like a lot more kids than four. 20% more to be exact.
East Egg Hunt Party

As a surprise for my mother my awesome friend Kim came over and hid in my closet while she fixed my mom's broken iphone screen. This woman really is amazing in more was than I can count.
The night before my mom left I went to bed early. Little did I know that my mom stayed up late in the kitchen making four different kinds of cookie dough and freezing three huge zip-lock bags full. She had also spent the day filling my freezer with strawberry jam. My mom is the best.
Brynlee was inconsolable about grandma leaving (so was I but I hid it better than she did).
The kids's Easter baskets.

This is how Derrick and I feel about General Conference starting...
This is how Derrick and I feel about General Conference ending...
And this is what we do while it's going...
(He isn't sleeping, he's meditating on the word of God)

And this is what the kids do while listening...
This year I gave them each new conference journals and pens. I told the kids they needed to listen to the speakers and write down what each speaker said or what they felt when listening. I told them I would give them a penny for each word they wrote. Kennan and Brynlee both earned $3.00. Cami earned $1.00 for her attempts at scribbles. I let them use the money the next weekend at the School carnival.
 I love that they play together so well. They love card games.
I loved that for two full days I was able to sit and listen to our living Prophet and Apostles while snuggling with this sweet baby. I kept studying her little fingers and marveling at what a miracle the gift of life really is. I loved that many of the speakers spoke about family and the importance of it in God's eternal plan. My heart was so full of gratitude and love for the Plan of Salvation and the Savior's atonement that makes it all possible. I am so happy that I know I get to be with my family eternally. 

I really can't get enough of this girl...
and neither can they...
So we don't even try!
Meanwhile....here is what else has been going on around our home:
Cami got her 4 year old shots so she can go to Pre-k next year. She is so funny cause she loves the attention from the doctor. She is the perfect patient and was really brave.
Below Derrick is administering her ear drops. Alyssa loves to get ear drops. She always sits perfectly still while getting them. Now that the baby is here she looks so old. I miss little Lyssa being a baby. Why do they have to grow up so fast?
Brynlee made this sign for her bedroom door. It reads, "No boys allowed but Kennan, Dad, Jairus, and Grandpa." Ha! :)
Kennan had tried to fix his bike tire himself, but when he went off the ramp, the wheel flew off and he landed on the pavement. His crooked front tooth went through his skin above his top lip. 

Cami's preschool group at the Aquarium
 Playgroup is back in session. When you have five kids and are a full time stay-at-home-mom you don't get maternity leave.
Thank you to all my dear friends and neighbors who have showed your love for are family with this new addition. We have had so many wonderful friends and neighbors bring us dinner and reach out to us. We feel so blessed.